12 Week One on One Brand Expansion

who is this for?

For anyone who wants to build their brand intentionally, based on
strong values and have a lasting positive impact on the world.

what problems can be solved?

Designing your life and business in an intentional way turns uncertainty into clarity. Implementing small positive changes in your every day life will turn your dreams into reality. Within this framework, scared space is created for the time it takes to nurture your dream helping with long-term sustainability as a entrepreneur.

what’s involved?

This experience works to help you serve your purpose and take you along a transformational journey at a depth and pace that suits you, your goals and your vision.

phase 1


This phase is for you to begin to gain clarity. Uncover your core values and beliefs, build your vision for the future and articulate your purpose and build your energetic strategy.

phase 2


Developing your unique voice, engaging your imagination and understanding your audience intimately. This is where you re-discover your personal identity and set aligned priorities from that perspective.

phase 3


This is the lived experience of your every day with strategies uniquely tailored to you. This can involve anything from brand management or helping you find your personal sweet spot. Learn to integrate your purpose practically and effectively, helping you take action towards creating growth and change in your life and the lives of others.

take the leap!

Everything starts at one: Whether you’re established or not, it’s important to go through the Awakening phase for you to gain clarity for your long-term goals.

The in-between: Individuals that have an established presence but are still on their way to streamlining and solidifying their vision throughout their daily practices. Help uncovering your core values and developing a plan that’s aligned with the expression and experiences that support your dream in a sustainable way.

Activation: Individuals that are past the stage of implementation and already embody a holistic approach to life and business. Working together to nurture what you’ve lovingly created with strategies that specialized in mindful engagement to support your message and growth.

Consultant: Individual, short-term guidance and assistance to help you align with your bigger vision and build a meaningful connection with your audience.

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